Very entertaining and extremely popular for guests to watch after photographs and catering is over. What a great way to fill that lull and shortly after take the evening to another level which will be an unforgettable night for everyone.


We are a unique act as close up card magicians and mentalists. We guarantee to blow the minds of your guests making your event one to remember and keep people guessing for a long time.


We enjoy working within the restaurant environment and making sure that everyone there remember not only how fantastic your food is but also the entertainment you provide to make a perfect evening.

Night clubs/bars

Already a fun environment, let us come and show our talents at your venue and give your clients something to really keep them coming back. We provide a service that works perfect for arrival lines, bar and smoking areas. This will ensure that your clients will not only love what they have seen but will also share it on social media about your venue, this is excellent for advertising venues.

Trade shows and brand launches

We guarantee to attract large numbers of potential clients to your stand.

House parties

Here we can go from room to room showing off our skills. A real way of getting everyone together and great entertainment to keep people wanting more. This is a different and fun alternative for all of your entertainment purposes.

We guarantee to astonish with our world class talents. To discuss your requirements please call our free phone number 0800 014 6466.